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Vous trouverez ci-dessous une offre de doctorat basée à l'Université de Twente (Pays-Bas) qui intéressera peut être certains de vos étudiants cf détails ci-dessous. Le doctorat fait partie intégrante du réseau doctoral SOFTWEAR auquel je participe. J'aurais d'ailleurs le plaisir de co-encadrer cette thèse. Nous recherchons des profils de designers stimulants, n'hésitez donc pas à faire passer le mot. 

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PhD position on Responsible Design for Wearable Soft Actuators 

Project: SOFTWEAR ( 
Keywords: #ResponsibleDesign, #WearableRobotics, #textiles, #disability, #co-design 
Offer: fully funded 4-year PhD position at University of Twente, The Netherlands 
Application and more information: [ | ] 

Deadline for application: September 30th, 2022 


The position is associated with the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Doctoral Network SOFTWEAR ( This is a highly interdisciplinary Doctoral Network in the emerging and rapidly growing field of wearables, with a unique focus on soft actuators for wearables and exoskeletons. The primary objective of SOFTWEAR is to train young researchers in the multidisciplinary science of soft actuators for integration in wearables and augmenting textiles. 

While soft actuators aim, in the first place, at empowerment of users, applications may also introduce new personal and societal vulnerabilities. For example, while soft exoskeletons may extend physical abilities, they may also reinforce ableist views that inclusion efforts are primarily the responsibility of the disabled or vulnerable person. Moreover, while the technologies are developed for societally beneficial purposes, they may also be used for harmful objectives (dual use risks). 

We offer a fully funded 4-year PhD position to address these challenges by developing a design framework that supports developers of applications of wearable soft actuators in analysing how human vulnerabilities are transformed through the envisaged applications. The research will identify key categories of applications of soft actuators, together with an envisioning tool for analysing how these give rise to different types of ethical and social issues. Design guidelines will be created that can be used for addressing these issues. This framework will be built on existing research on Value-Sensitive Design, Coactive Design, and ethics of technology such as guidance ethics, through a user-centred design process. 

Formal requirements from MSCA: 
- No previous doctoral degree. 
- Mobility Rule: researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of the recruiting beneficiary (i.e. The Netherlands) for more than 12 months in the 36 months immediately before their date of recruitment. 

Informal inquiries about this position can be sent to Dr. Angelika Mader ([log in to unmask]) and Dr. Birna van Riemsdijk ([log in to unmask]). 

Aurélie Mosse 
PhD, MA Design for Textile Futures 
Responsable de la 4e année Design Textile et Matière 
Co-directric e du groupe de recherche [ | Soft Matters ] , [ | Ensadlab ] 

[ | Ecole des Arts Décoratifs ] 
31 rue d'Ulm, 75240 Paris Cedex 05 
Université Paris Sciences Lettres ( [ | PSL ] ) 

Advisory board member of [ | ] 
Coordinator of the ANR - [ | ImpressioVivo ] [ ] project 
Partner/ training officer of MSCA - [ | SOFTWEAR ] doctoral network 
Associated member of the Cluster of Excellence [ |  Matters of Activity ] 

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