Nous hébergeons Harpreet Sareen - Assistant Professor of Interaction and Media Design at Parsons School of Design- en prof invité à Telecom.
Il fera un talk le 11th of May, 9-11 am sur des sujets proche du design inter espace, et du design avec les plantes. 

Plus d’infos ci dessous : 

Hi all,

We are happy to invite Harpreet Sareen to give a SIGCHI Paris talk [1], on the 11th of May, 9-11 am (CEST). The talk will be hybrid:
- The in-person talk will be at Amphi 4, Telecom Paris (how to get here).
- For the audience who prefer to join remotely, please use this Zoom link:

# Talk info:

## Title
Interaction Design and Non-human Behaviors

## Abstract
Our practices of design have been fundamentally shaped by human behavior. However, revisiting fundamentals that shaped this human-centric context can also reshape our technological transformation from an anthropomorphic to a nature-centric view. At the cusp of technologies that can be applied much broadly to our ecology today, there is an opportunity to flatten design at the behavioral level incorporating non-human animals and organisms.

In this talk, I will discuss Interaction Design (IxD) from a vantage point of plants and animal behaviors; and creating projects with such species in various contexts. Understanding these processes may help inform our practice to design solely for non-humans and/or human/non-human relationships.

## Bio
Harpreet is an Assistant Professor of Interaction and Media Design at Parsons School of Design and a USC Berggruen Fellow (2022-23). His research is situated at the intersection of Material Science, Biology and Electronics and draws on the complementary abilities of the biological and artificial worlds. He terms this as 'Convergent Design' and creates cutting edge bionic materials and hybrid substrates that lend themselves for future ecological machinery, sensing systems and interaction design. Harpreet earned a graduate degree in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab and has previously lived and worked in Austria, India, Japan, Paris, Singapore and USA.

His experience spans corporate research wings, studios, museums to academic centers having previously worked at Google Creative Lab, Microsoft Research, MIT Media Lab, Ars Electronica Museum, National University of Singapore, Keio University, Telecom Paris, The University of Tokyo and more. He has previously been named as MIT Technology Review Under 35 Innovator and has been awarded CHI Golden Mouse, Edison Gold, SXSW Interactive Innovation, Fast Company World Changing Ideas among other accolades. His academic work has been published at peer-reviewed conferences like CHI, DIS, TEI, IEEE VR and other human computer interaction venues. Harpreet's artwork has been showcased at Ars Electronica Festival, Somerset House, CID Grand Hornu, Garden Museum (Somerset, UK), Tower Hill Botanic Gardens, MIT Museum among other venues. He has also been invited to TEDx venues and regularly lectures internationally in universities and innovation centers.

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