We invite you, research students, or colleagues to The State of the (CHI)Art an accepted workshop at CHI 2022. The workshop aims to explore the tensions and joys, pitfalls, and potentials of artistic and visual thinking for the CHI community. How might we elucidate and explore these practices, how might they evolve, could we celebrate and appreciate these formats alongside the more expected outputs of the researcher or industry practitioner?
Join us in a one-day (hybrid) exploration of a “plurality of practices” designed to redefine how the arts and artistic outputs are defined at CHI and other ACM conferences. We invite you, research students, or a colleagues to explore your artistic practice, the tensions, and coincidences, the emotions, that exist in the boundaries between HCI research and your own personal outputs.
Potential participants should submit a 4–6-page position paper, by 24 February 2021, on the topic around the topic of “visual arts practice and HCI” in pictorial format – that is, the ACM paper format that celebrates the image, form, or maker output over written text.
For more information and submission processs please visit: https://stateofchiart.wordpress.com/
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask.
Kind Regards,
Sarah Fdili Alaoui
Plus, co-authors
Miriam Sturdee, Lancaster University, UK
Makayla Lewis, Kingston University, UK
Mafalda Samuelsson-Gamboa, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Thuong Hoang, Deakin University, Australia
John Miers, Kingston University, UK
Ilja Smorgun, Tallinn University, Estonia
Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique Université Paris Saclay, INRIA, France
Angelika Strohmayer, Design Feminisms Research Group, Northumbria University, UK
Pranjal Jain, Theuxwhale, India
Christina Wodtke, Stanford University, USA

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