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We are happy to announce a call for participation for the fourth annual symposium on HCI education, to be held at CHI 2022. Please find details of the participation call, along with submission date and website below. We are still awaiting information from the CHI organisers to define whether the symposium will be virtual, in-person or hybrid. Please consult the website of the symposium for upcoming updates.


EduCHI 2022: 4th Annual Symposium on HCI Education

A CHI 2022 Symposium, April-May 2022 (TBD)

Twitter: HCI_Education



The HCI Education Community of Practice has been working for the past four years to create channels for discussion about HCI education and provide a platform for sharing HCI curricula and teaching experiences. To that end, we are organizing the fourth annual symposium on HCI education. Held as part of the CHI 2022 conference, EduCHI seeks to bring together an international community of scholars, practitioners, and researchers to shape the future of HCI education. EduCHI 2022 will feature interactive discussions about HCI education trends and challenges and provide a platform for sharing HCI curricula, materials, and teaching experiences. Further information on the symposium can be found at:


We are seeking several distinct types of submissions:


1. Research 

Describe novel research on or about HCI education, following a traditional research paper format.


2. Provocations

Present a new, controversial, inspiring, or otherwise thought-provoking perspective about HCI education.


3. Teachable Moments

Describe and/or demonstrate an interesting or innovative teaching method, curricular approach, or other pedagogical tool for HCI educators.


4. Unsolved Challenges

Outline an unsolved problem, issue, or challenge faced by HCI educators and solicit a request for solutions that may address it.

5. Master Class

Propose a brief (60-75 minute) interactive training session on a particular topic, concept, or teaching method that HCI educators can incorporate into an assignment, class, or program.


To apply, authors should prepare a 4-10-pages paper using the new ACM Master Article Submission template and submit it via by 11 February 2022.


Applicants will be selected based on their experience, perspective, and potential to engage attendees in thoughtful discussions. Following a successful acceptance, authors will be asked to prepare a final camera-ready version of their paper and given the option of creating a pre-recorded presentation that will be shared prior to the symposium. All accepted papers and supplemental materials will be posted on the symposium website. At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the symposium.




Craig M. MacDonald (Symposium General Co-Chair), Pratt Institute

Olivier St-Cyr (Symposium General Co-Chair), University of Toronto

Colin M. Gray (Technical Program Co-Chair), Purdue University

Leigh Ellen Potter (Technical Program Co-Chair), Griffith University

Carine Lallemand (Technical Program Co-Chair), TU Eindhoven / University of Luxembourg

Eunice Sari (Publications Co-Chair), UX Indonesia

Deepak Ranjan Padhi (Publications Co-Chair), IIT Bombay

Anna Vasilchenko (Accessibiility Co-Chair), Swansea University

Jaisie Sin (Accessibiility Co-Chair), University of Toronto

Anna Carter (Social Events Chair), Newcastle University

Caroline Pitt (Social Media Chair), Uniiversity of Washington

Ajit G. Pillai (Web Chair), University of Sydney 






Dr. Carine Lallemand
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