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veuillez trouvez ci-joint un appel a contribution pour une session thematique « Sound & Design » a la prochaine conference DRS 2022
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En esperant que cette thematique interesse certaines/certains d’entre vous.

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N. Misdariis

We are pleased to inform you that the DRS2022 BILBAO Conference is now welcoming submissions. The Theme Track 4 on Sound & Design aims at exploring human and machine listening as design material.

The call for papers can be found via the following link:

Deadline for paper submission: November 24th, 2021

The track is co-chaired by Stefano Delle Monache, Monica Porteanu, Kevin Hamilton, Nicolas Misdariis, and Elif Özcan and supported by the H2020-MSCA-IF-2019 PaDS.


Either intentionally designed or as by-products of mechanisms and processes, sounds and soundscapes are an essential presence in our contemporary environments, from notification and alarms to machinery and voice-based virtual assistants. Sound design entails a variety of practices, dealing at large with the design and craft of auditory displays to convey functions and information with aesthetic requirements. Listening is the context-dependent, human-centered, active behaviour by which we use sound to make sense of the experience with products, services, and ecosystems.
A socio-technological, sound-driven approach to design is concerned about the meaning and understanding of the experience driven by listening, rather than by sound. In this paradigm shift, sound acts both as issue and opportunity for innovative design solutions. Hence, sound-driven design is inherently embodied, situated, and human-centered. Establishing the role of listening in the design process will inform whether designers design the sound, for sound, against sound or with sound.

The Sound and Design track welcomes papers on:

A. Sound-driven design: Designing for, through, and about listening 
Contact person - Stefano Delle Monache | [log in to unmask]
Leveraging the established distinction about design research strategies (for, through, about design), we invite submissions on:B. Design of artificial intelligence (AI) for perceiving and interpreting sound 
Contact person -  Monica Porteanu | [log in to unmask]
Sound opens doors to designing for inclusiveness, wellbeing, and many more. Meanwhile, sound-enabled technology creates commercial opportunities at exponential speed. However, the commercial enthusiasm outpaces our understanding of the implications this situation creates, e.g., considering that voice is a biometric identifier. 
We have yet to become aware of how sound travels and is perceived and interpreted across devices, platforms, clouds, and algorithms. The design mindset and practice are slowly catching up, but they are still more focused on the commercial aspect (e.g., conversation design, voice user interface). However, design research could significantly contribute to raising awareness and developing the necessary body of knowledge to address the gap. We invite submissions on topics such as:

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