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Date : dimanche 5 octobre 2014
Objet : New Journal: Design Science
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I am pleased to forward information about a new journal, *Design Science,*
edited by Panos Papalambros, Director of the Design Science Doctoral
Program of the University of Michigan (USA) (Sponsored by Cambridge
University Press and the Design Society). (Yes, I'm on the editorial board)

Critical features of this journal are:

Design Science is "gold" open access (anyone can read for free).

   - Authors pay a manuscript fee of  US$ 500 for members of the Design
   Society, US$ 1,500 for non-members. (Fee exception requests for cause
   example, authors from developing countries) are possible.)
   - Manuscript review time not to exceed 3 months.
   - Online publication is immediate upon completion of production of
   accepted papers. No issues, only annual volumes.

Design Science is a new international, refereed, open access journal that
will publish original quantitative and qualitative research on the creation
of artifacts and systems, and their embedding in our physical, virtual,
economic, psychological, and social environments.

Design Science is published by Cambridge University Press in partnership
with the Design Society, and aspires to offer a rigorous, approachable and
inclusive venue for the scholarly work of the design community at large.

The aim of the Journal is to serve as the archival venue of science-based
design knowledge from the multiple disciplines that contribute to the
knowledge base of design. The Journal is founded on the recognition that
design is a discipline in its own right that is researched and practiced in
many disciplines. Design is one of the value-adding activities in our
society and requires a deeper knowledge base than currently exists. Design
knowledge is widely dispersed across fields with different terminologies,
traditions and research practices. The Journal will facilitate
communication of rigorous research across diverse fields and will serve as
a bridge across the communities that carry out scientific research in
design, publishing original research but with a strong emphasis on
inclusivity and accessibility by scholars from a diversity of disciplines.

The Journal will publish original quantitative and qualitative research
articles, theory papers, reviews and survey papers with strong tutorial
elements, as well as shorter notes, editorials, and book, software and
design tool reviews. All articles submitted should include sufficient
introductory material to allow a non-discipline expert to appreciate the
nature of the contribution.

Don Norman
Director, DesignLab, UC San Diego: Think Observe Make
Prof. Emeritus Cognitive Science & Psychology, UCSD
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